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Welcome to the Independence County Sheriff's Department homepage! In an effort to better communicate with the public, we have created this webpage to keep our county's citizens informed. Through this webpage, our goal is to better serve our county by informing you of our programs which are in place to serve you. From teaching children about safety to helping a community start a neighborhood watch program, we can help each other make our streets and neighborhoods a safer place. We know that crime is a major concern for our citizens. Many times, without assistance from the public, we would not have been able to solve a crime or arrest a wanted person. The assistance and support we receive from the public has always been greatly appreciated. Please take a moment to take a look at our crime alert page. You might be able to help us solve a crime! On behalf of the men and women of the Independence County Sheriff's Department, I thank you for visiting our site.


Sheriff Steve Jeffery
June is National Drive Safe Month

If you have a child, they need to be in a car seat in the back seat of your vehicle. Most car seats are not installed properly so go down to your local police station and ask for a car seat safety check.

Wear a seat-belt, it is so easy and can prevent many injures, yet millions of people do not wear a seat-belt.

Do NOT drive if you are tired, under the influence of alcohol or taking medications that specifically say, "Do not operate heavy equipment."

Leave space between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Riding someone's bumper is dangerous because if someone hits you from behind or the person in front of you breaks quickly you are asking for trouble.

There are traffic lights for a reason, follow them. Running traffic lights not only put you in danger but the others around you as well.

Keep your headlights on at all times, having your headlights on is important because cars can see your car better.

Follow the speed limit, I know this is hard but there is a limit for a reason. Millions of accidents are speed related.

Use your directional, not letting fellow drivers where you are about to go is dangerous.

Make sure you are only driving, not talking on the phone, balancing your checkbook, putting on make-up, etc...

Pay attention to road conditions, if they are bad-don't drive.

Make sure you are well rested, many accidents are caused because people fall asleep behind the wheel.

Use your mirrors; they are there to help you navigate.

Traffic signs are very important but people don't always follow them. If the sign says no u-turn, do not do one!

Make sure you know where you are going. Often drivers who are going somewhere new are trying to read a map and drive at the same time. When you are driving, that is all you should be concentrating on.

Street racing is a huge no no! If you want to race go to a race track, it is not fair to endanger other drives because you want to race.

Use your manners when driving, aggressive drivers are more likely to be in or cause an accident.

Make sure you can see when driving, if you need glasses to drive-then use them. Please no sunglasses on in the evening; looking cool is not worth endangering someone else's life.

Most important take your time and pay attention to the road. Vehicles are thousands and thousands of pounds and are capable of causing large amounts of damage.

View our Sex Offender Registry

With statistics indicating that sex offenders pose a higher risk of re-offending than other types of criminals, and in order to help the citizens of Independence County better protect themselves against the threat of Sex Offenders we provide information to the public through our local Sex Offender registry.

Within this registry you will find a means to track currently registred sex offenders in our area, the State of Arkansas, and Nationwide. We also provide you with the ability to report possibly unregisterd offenders anonymously.

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