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Welcome to the Independence County Sheriff’s Department homepage! In an effort to better communicate with the public, we have created this webpage to keep our county’s citizens informed. Through this webpage, our goal is to better serve our county by informing you of our programs which are in place to serve you. From teaching children about safety to helping a community start a neighborhood watch program, we can help each other make our streets and neighborhoods a safer place. We know that crime is a major concern for our citizens. Many times, without assistance from the public, we would not have been able to solve a crime or arrest a wanted person. The assistance and support we receive from the public has always been greatly appreciated. Please take a moment to take a look at our crime alert page. You might be able to help us solve a crime! On behalf of the men and women of the Independence County Sheriff’s Department, I thank you for visiting our site.


January is National Self-Defense Awareness Month

Self-defense is not always about FIGHTING back. Your best way to avoid a physical and dangerous altercation with an attacker is to apply quick thinking and de-escalating methods to the situation in order to get away. Attackers feed off of vulnerability so stay attentive to avoid a compromising situation. For example, walk in a group to your car after work, avoid short cuts that take you through dark and isolated area, and pay particular attention to places where someone could hide such as stairways and bushes etc. to ensure your safety. For National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month, figuring out ways to protect yourself from becoming a victim is a great way to begin your quest to self-defense.

Increasingly, the national media is reporting shocking cases of personal attacks; such as the recent assault and murder in Little Rock of news anchor Anne Pressly and the missing persons case of Laura Garza, last seen leaving a New York City nightclub in the company of a registered sex offender. These tragedies remind the public that awareness is essential in self-protection.

The Independence County Sheriff’s Department encourages members of the community to seek out education in regards to personal safety and defense.

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 View our Sex Offender Registry
With statistics indicating that sex offenders pose a higher risk of re-offending than other types of criminals, and in order to help the citizens of Independence County better protect themselves against the threat of Sex Offenders we provide information to the public through our local Sex Offender registry.

Within this registry you will find a means to track currently registred sex offenders in our area, the State of Arkansas, and Nationwide. We also provide you with the ability to report possibly unregisterd offenders anonymously.