In addition to the patrol officer on the beat, the Independence County Sheriff's Department has many officers specializing in various law enforcement fields. In order to solve often difficult crimes and maintain public safety in today's ever-changing and complex world, we employ a diverse field of law enforcement professionals. Our officers are trained in the latest advancements of police science. Through our training and commitment to serve our fellow citizens we stand ready to meet the challenges ahead for our county.

Patrol Division

24 hours a day, seven days a week describes the working hours of our patrol division. Around the clock, we provide three shifts per day of patrol officers covering Independence County and the City of Batesville through our metro agreement. A patrol officer's duties include answering calls for assistance, taking incident reports, and investigating traffic accidents. Every day is different and nothing is routine in the workday of a patrol officer.

Criminal Investigation Division

A crime has occurred. You have a victim to help, and a criminal to bring to justice. This is the responsibility of a detective in the criminal investigation division. A detective's duties include responding to the scene of major crimes and investigating the many incident reports filed each day. The job satisfaction for a detective definitely comes from helping a victim recover from a crime.

Warrants and Civil Process Division

On behalf of the criminal and civil courts our warrants/civil process officers serve many legal papers for the courts. These papers include arrest warrants, subpoenas, and summonses. Our warrant officers also track down and arrest wanted fugitives.

Independence County Jail

In addition to the typical law enforcement activities we are responsible for, the Independence County Sheriff's Department operates the county jail located on Main St. The present jail was built in 1998. Besides the daily supervision of the inmate population, the jail staff is responsible for transporting inmates and serving as bailiffs in Circuit and District courts.

School Resource Officers

Working with local school administrators, teachers, and more importantly the students, our school resource officers are on several school campuses each day. These officers aid and assist students with any problems they may have and prevent crimes from occurring on school grounds. There are two officers assigned to the Batesville School District and one to the Southside School District.

Domestic Violence Unit

Formed in 2001 by a grant from the State of Arkansas, our Domestic Violence Unit specializes in helping the victims of domestic violence. By specializing in this sad problem in our society, these officers are tasked to take the extra time to ensure that domestic violence victims receive the appropriate help they need. The domestic violence unit also enforces orders of protection and testifies on behalf of victims in court.

Independence County Sheriff's Reserve

Composed of citizens who volunteer to serve as part-time police officers, the Independence County Sheriff's Reserve provides extra man-power at critical times. Reserve officers are trained and certified by state standards and carry the same law enforcement powers as their full-time counterparts. Reservists can be found everywhere throughout the department, from working street patrol to prisoner transports to providing a police presence at public events.


The critical link in getting help to the scene lies within the City of Batesville's Central Dispatch Office. This agency handles calls throughout the county to 911 and dispatches the appropriate police, EMS or fire department response. The dispatchers also handle teletype messages with other police agencies.