Jail Division

Sheriff’s Jail Division

The Mission of the Independence County Sheriff’s Jail Division is to provide service to the community by insuring the safe and secure incarceration of persons taken into confinement by order of a qualified court or otherwise allowed by law.

The Independence County Jail primarily houses inmates who:

  • Are jailed and waiting to post bond
  • Are jailed and waiting for trial
  • Have been convicted and sentenced for up to one year
  • Are state prisoners. Through a contract with the Arkansas Department of Corrections, these prisoners are housed in Independence County to releave overcrowding of state prisons, and are utilized by Independence County for cost effective labor.

Confinement will be humane and constitutional as mandated by the United States Constitution, Federal and State Statues, and applicable case law. The Sheriff of Independence County upholds the philosophy of confinement being punishment in and of itself.

Rules of conduct and behavior of inmates, as promulgated by the Arkansas Jail Standards, will be observed. Professionally trained personnel will staff the division. Every effort will be made to meet both the physical and mental needs of all inmates.

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The information herin is collected and provided for public viewing. Though every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the data provided by this service, The Independence County Sheriff’s Department can not certify the information provided.

Information contained herein should not be relied upon for any type of legal action.

As of 12:07 pm Central Time on 11/08/2011, the following people were housed in the Independence County Jail for criminal offenses. This list does not include juvenile offenders. This database is updated every 24 hours so recent changes in the status of inmates may not appear in this online database. Inmate status can only be confirmed in person or by phone. Call (870)612-6880 for information.

All individuals displayed on this website are innocent until proven guilty in a court of proper jurisdiction. The associated charge is for reference only and is not an indication of guilt.

The roster can be viewed here.