Sheriff’s Patrol Officers

Sheriff’s patrol officers perform general law enforcement duties such as responding to calls for service, enforce laws and ordinances, file reports of incidents, control crowds, arrest law breakers and prevent crime. Sheriff’s patrol officers patrol a particular area in squad cars or on foot. Patrol officers also spend a lot of time doing paperwork.

Some of the common job titles are patrolman, police officer, patrol officer, public safety officer and law enforcement officer.

Patrol officers employed at the Independence County Sheriff’s Department are assigned to either crime prevention or traffic control. A patrol officer sometimes has to testify in court or act as a witness in criminal and traffic cases.

The Patrol Officers at the Independence County Sheriff’s Department are involved with community policing – a system where police officers build relationships with people living in local neighborhoods and they also ask the public to help fight crime.


Provide for public safety by protecting people and property, responding to emergencies, promoting good community relations and enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws

  • Record facts to prepare reports
  • Direct traffic at accident scenes
  • Investigate suspicious people and situations
  • Investigate burglaries
  • Identify and arrest perpetrators and suspects of criminal acts
  • Provide first aid to accident victims
  • Patrol specific areas
  • Investigate traffic accidents
  • Study facts of various types of incidents to determine if criminal acts or violations of statutes occurred
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